It is time to Exit the Cave

Dear Friends,

I wish to speak freely and share my 20 years of research, seeking and experiences with you. It is hard now to speak freely on the big video platforms. 

While I don't use "code" like my friend Matt, I do use language at time in ways to "suggest" something without saying it directly. I want that to change and free my presentation.  As such I will be moving soon to 

I believe the community of people that has been built over at YT is very important to my presentations. So often my 20 minute video became greatly enhanced by the comment section, made by very clear and honest seekers of knowledge and truth. I want to keep the tribe together going forward.

Thus for now the only thing on this new site is a subscribe button to leave me your email. Even if you have emailed me previously, please click the button and leave it again.

It is not a commitment for anything, and I am only gathering it so I can send direct information to you on the start up of me on and updates when videos are posted, and the like. Nothing else.

If YT shuts me down without having this set up now, it would take much longer to find and get everyone together again- so let's build the "painful truths community" in a new "free home" of discussion, comments and helping one another understand ourSelves and Reality.


Howdie Mickoski, 

Howdie Mickoski Talks
June 17, 2021

Let us Keep in Touch!

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